ABC Refrigeration is offering a one-year service agreement for the upcoming cooling and heating seasons

The agreement is made by and between (name and address):


The service agreement includes the following features and benefits:

1.) Two inspection(s) of your central cooling and heating system (s) will be performed. The filter(s) will be checked.  If need be the filter(s) will be cleaned or replaced.  The condensate line will be checked and cleaned. The indoor and outdoor coils will be checked for cleanliness and condition.

 2.) The refrigerant level will be checked to ensure that your equipment is at optimum performance.  Any minor leaks that are found will be repaired at that time.  Should a major leak be identified you will be advised on the best repair of your system(s)

 3.) Your fan motor (s) and compressor (s) will be checked.  All other electrical components will be checked.  Any electrical connections will be tightened to avoid arcing and shorting.

 4.) Whenever possible service agreement customers receive priority service all through the year. Each completed service call is documented by a service report. This report is provided to the customer as evidence of the completed service showing each performed task.

5.) You will receive a 10% discount on all parts and labor on all service calls outside of your two inspections.  A 10% discount will be given on new equipment, if in our opinion, your equipment needs replacing, instead of  repairing.

The service agreement is $150.00

This will cover one residential system per residence or individual condominium.  Any other systems will be pro-rated on case-by-case basis, depending on the total amount of systems to be covered.  The coverage will start at the signing of contract date. 

It is preferable that you send us a key to your property.  If you rent your property through a Real Estate Company please notify them that you have this service agreement.  If you don’t rent but are in a large condominium, please notify the condominium office of this service agreement so they may release a key to us.  If none of the above applies to you, it is your responsibility to contact our office to arrange for your two inspections. The two inspections are to be done during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Please note: 

1.) We do not cover window units. We also do not handle oil (#2 fuel oil) heating equipment: any other gas, electric, or heat pump hot air systems will be covered.

2.) Any additional work above and beyond this service agreement will not be completed without your verbal or written consent.

3.) Should any other company service your system(s) this service agreement is void without a refund.


_____ Yes,  ABC may do inspections on my property when due.  

____   No,  I will call to schedule my inspection when due


______ ABC has key on file

______ ABC does not have key, a key may be obtained at________________________

The Service Agreement is effective from  _____________________   to  ____________________

                                                                        Today's date                             1 yr. from  today's date                                         



______________________                                 ___________________________                  __________________

Nelson Ward                                            Authorized Customer Signature          Telephone Number






Please return a signed and dated copy along with a check for $150.00 or your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express # and expiration date if you accept this one-year service agreement.